Are you in the middle of Sober for October to help your liver? I have got to say I admire anyone doing this health kick. It’s for a good cause AND healthy too.


The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It has three main functions –


  1. To clean your blood by removing toxins after you have eaten and helping the body absorb the good nutrients and vitamins.


  1. To store energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen. This is what the liver makes once it breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Then when you need a boost, the liver will release some into the bloodstream for energy.


  1. To produce bile, which is very important for your digestion as it helps your body digest and absorb fat into the bloodstream.


They are not the only functions it has though. It also helps to make cholesterol, helps with blood clotting and helps break down medicines and secrete them into the body.


But I’m going to let you off. You don’t need to have done Sober for October to help your liver. There’s still plenty of time this month to make some changes and give it a more long-term helping hand.


Here are my top three hacks for letting yourself off Sober for October.


  1. Coffee Enemas – Your Secret Detox Supercharger ()


In my previous blog – “How A Coffee Enema Is Your Secret Detox Supercharger!” I explain how my treatment – the Coffee Enema  – which adds a quality caffeine supplement to an enema, is a very effective way to detox the liver. Coffee helps to flush toxins out the liver and dump them into the intestines ready for elimination, which the enema helps to speed up.


Of course, as I also mention, this version of an enema can not only pull out toxins from the system, but also nutrients, so it’s always a good idea to aid a coffee enema with good nutrition to feed the liver too.


Which leads me nicely to my next hack…


  1. Autumn and Halloween food to feed your liver.


The colder, darker nights and mornings beg for hearty warming breakfasts, lunches and dinners. So stick the slow cooker on and rustle up some liver-friendly meals that include superpowered ingredients such as:


  • Healthy dark green leafy vegetables such as Kale, Spinach Beet, Rocket, Spring Greens, Swiss Chard and Watercress.  All dark leafy green veg contain the beneficial property chlorophyll, which helps to cleanse the blood and remove toxins, which can overload the liver. So they’re the perfect helping hand.


  • Garlic – a natural anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial agent and detoxifier.



  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts (love em or hate em they are fabulous for your liver) and cauliflower.


  • Quinoa – a powerhouse grain, boosting the liver to help eliminate waste.


  • Porridge – a secret liver lover, helping to reduce the amount of cholesterol that accumulates in the liver. So don’t skip breakfast!


Take a look on our Pinterest board – Food for Health for more ideas


  1. Liver Loving Drinks


Cutting out alcohol means you have to find an alternative. But why stop at just evening drinks? Add these liver friendly drinks through the day to boost its health:


  • Lemon Water – Start the day each morning with the juice of half lemon in hot water. Citric acid is a natural cleanser and helps your body to flush out toxins, thereby reducing the strain on your liver.


  • Green smoothies with added grapefruit – Again, dark leafy greens are your liver’s friend, so fall in love with green smoothies. If you add some grapefruit in there too, your liver with thank you even more. Grapefruit has added nutrients that particularly protect the liver and reduce inflammation. It also helps counteract the effects of alcohol on your liver. Bonus.


  • Coffee – A simple cup of coffee has great benefits for your liver, preventing the build-up of fat. The greatest benefits occur from drinking 2-3 cups per day. I’m not sure it’s talking about cappuccinos though, so be careful of the type of coffee you’re drinking and the added calories!


  • Cider Vinegar (don’t worry, there’s no booze in it!) is a long-term favourite of healthy livers. Drink a tablespoon in warm water with a little spoon of honey for sweetness, or add to food as an alternative to other vinegar. By having it every day, you will help reduce the fat content in your liver. There are tonnes of other added health benefits to this amazing drink too. Just google it!


  • Matcha Green tea – This powerful version of green tea is up to ten times more effective in stimulating detoxifying effects in the liver. Drinking 5-10 cups per day will have a significantly positive effect and may reduce fat deposits in the liver too.


So those are my three hacks, which mean you don’t have to necessarily do Sober for October to help your liver.


Of course, alongside Dry January, Sober for October is another chance to ban the booze and give your liver a real rest. To allow it to cleanse itself, and heal from the work it’s been doing throughout the year.


Plus it’s the perfect time to detox before the impending party season…(sssh, don’t mention the C word…).


So if you’re looking for a healthy boost for your digestive system and liver – why not get in touch and we can discuss how a Coffee Enema might help you or book a Coffee Enema appointment today. I’m always happy to answer any questions. Remember in this clinic, there’s nothing taboo about poo!