All I want for Christmas is…..?

If you had to write a healthy Christmas wish list – what would be on it? Children write their letters to Santa, but how often do you sit down to think about what YOU want – in life, in your health or for the future?

Focus your healthy Christmas wish list on your health and wellness – both physical and mental. What could enable you to live your best life? Here’s my healthy Christmas wish list to give you some ideas.

Feel fabulous and have fun.

Following on from the blog last month about feeling fabulous at 50, I always include things that I want to achieve in my life now. Perhaps they could be things that you always think would be nice to do, or nice to change? What makes your life less fabulous that you would like to change? Start with creating pleasure. Instead of thinking negatively, let’s focus on what would bring you joy? It sounds cheesy, but you are allowed to reach for the stars too!

Design a Life Plan to live!

Businesses have a business plan, but have you thought about where you would like to be in five, ten or 20 years? Are you on track to get there? It doesn’t have to be financial or job-based, it could be as simple as thinking about what your health and wellness is like now and where you would like it to be. What habits could you start right now to set you up for the future? Regular colonics? Have a Liver test to check on its health? What would make a difference in your life if you got it sorted? What things bug you about your health that you want to focus on changing in 2020?

Visualise what your goals feel like.

I love to do goal setting. I have a book that I update and refer to throughout the year. Setting intentions and mapping out goals using vision boards can be really fun. It all sounds a little woo-woo, but there is real science behind writing down your goals.

It’s simple really – setting down in words, or images what you want actually does make it happen. Why? Every time you look at them, you are doing a mini visualisation that is a powerful mind exercise to help you focus on the goals. Athletes always use visualisation to improve performance, so it’s not a crackpot idea.

There are no rules. You can put whatever you like on there, just try and focus on harnessing how you will FEEL with each one and make sure any images resonate with those feelings. Don’t get bogged down by purely materialistic things, think a little outside the box – experiences, health, happiness. Here’s a great blog about how to create a vision board.

We tell children to follow their dreams, but we forget that we can still do this too.

Sod stress for a healthy Christmas and beyond.

Accepting and understanding that life throw challenges at you, can help free yourself from letting everything stress you out. I believe it’s not what challenges you that stresses you out, it’s how you deal with those challenges that affect you. Failures are part of life and experiencing them teaches us that we can succeed and recover from them.

Catch my ’12 Days of Christmas’ health and wellness tips on YouTube to keep you fighting fit over the festive season.

This time of the year is always plate-spinning time. Family stress, untimely illnesses, Christmas (sssh), and the pressure of appearing to be doing and having it all end up leaving us worn out by Boxing Day. In times like this, it’s easy to focus on the stress, than it is to focus on what is positive.

A change in perspective can make things look and feel very different. Stress is the biggest cause of digestive health issues, so the more you can commit to helping yourself build resilience, the easier it will be to let stressors go and enjoy yourself more.

Maintain a healthy mind and body.

If you look after yourself in body and mind, then it means you can focus on the LIVING of your life, not just about keeping yourself ALIVE. If you have great gut health, think of all those symptoms that won’t be worrying you every day.

One of my favourite quotes is “It’s not about you only live once – you live every day and die once”. Make those days count. Make health central on your healthy Christmas wish list and on your vision board. Make it your big goal for the New Year. If you don’t know where to start, book in for a health consultation with me and we can take the first step together.

We welcome a new decade in 2020 so let’s enjoy every moment.

Here’s to a fabulous Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!


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