Dear Colonics Queen,

I’ve been watching this programme “100 years younger in 21 days” lately and it’s making me feel a bit old….

What quick fixes can I do here in Manchester to turn back the clock?

All advice gratefully received.


Ms W. Rinkley


Well Ms Rinkley, I screamed aloud when I saw this show! In ecstasy of course! I’ve been promoting this healthy living advice and holistic treatments for years. Finally, it’s clear for all to see!

Those poor celebs though! They’ve been living the high life and now they’re having to reign it all in, in a bid to regain some youth. But us clever ones have always known the secret to everlasting youth and if you haven’t, I’m here to tell you all my secrets.

Here at Complete Health Clinic, we offer quite a few of the anti-ageing techniques that are on the show. I thought I would run through a few and how they can give you a quick youthful fix.

How a coffee enema gives you an anti-ageing boost.

Enemas are recorded as far back as biblical times. There are also many studies showing the benefits of the detoxifying effects of coffee enemas in particular. They are so powerful because the coffee stimulates the liver and bile production, which draws out all the toxins and parasitic organisms from your body along with the coffee.

Those toxins affect your skin, your mental health, your energy levels, your general health, joint pain, sluggishness, the list continues. Patients report feeling lighter, have more mental clarity and of course feel more alive!

Other anti-ageing treatments.

If you’re nervous about colonic hydrotherapy, there are plenty of other treatments that I offer that can give you anti-ageing benefits.

We all hold tension in our heads and necks. This leads to increased frowning, which of course gives us a few more lines on our faces!

My specialist facial treatments rejuvenate how you look and also turn back the clock.


Derma roller facial

dermaroller facial before and afters


A derma-roller facial causes trauma to the skin, which then stimulates new collagen to help it refresh and look plumper. It helps remove stretch marks, refreshes sun-damaged skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment has an immediate effect and as the serums start to work over the coming weeks, it only gets better.

Facial Mesotherapy

This facial treats the skin from the inside out. Using microinjections, I insert nutrients, vitamins and minerals into the middle layer (epidermis) of the skin to rejuvenate it.

It tightens natural sagging, improves the appearance of wrinkles and can restructure mature skin to leave it firmer. You will see smoother skin immediately and the results will continue to increase. If you book three or more appointments, these results will continue to get better and better.

Glycolic Skin peel

This treatment is for anyone wishing to reveal plumper, younger looking skin. It doesn’t have to be for your face either. You can use this on your neck, chest, arms or hands. Anywhere that you’d like to refresh the appearance of the skin.

On #100yearsyounger the celebs applied urine to their faces. These skin peels contain a form of lactic acid that helps to remove the dead skin cells. Fresh skin cells are then produced, leaving you with fresher and brighter skin.

Natural facial lift 

If you don’t want to have any chemical treatments at all, this is the perfect solution. Perfect for relaxing tension and the muscles in the face and neck, it releases toxins, leaving you with a visibly refreshed stress-free face.

Including Japanese facial massage, acupuncture and facial techniques, wrinkles are reduced and you get an instant face lift. All without any painful surgery. Perfect.


So how does that sound Ms Rinkley?

There are plenty of anti-ageing techniques for you to choose from that will give you some help from everything heading south!

Don’t forget, water is the best natural anti-ageing treatment. Upping your water intake to three litres a day will have some instant effects, including fresher skin, more mental clarity and you might find you drop a few inches round the waist. Don’t underestimate your everyday diet – there are so many foods that can boost that youth!

I don’t know about you, but I feel rejuvenated already!

Get in touch if you’d like any more information or head over to the treatments above to book right in!


If you have a burning question, please write in for more Colonics Queen advice!


Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester