Lockdown for many has felt like an extended Christmas with one too many G&T’s! As the government begins to ease lockdown measures, now is the perfect time to shake off the lockdown cobwebs, and set some new health goals!

If we can take any lessons from this pandemic its how important a healthy immune system is!

Read my blog setting boundaries to care for yourself, setting health goals can support those boundaries and help create a better life.

Perhaps your goal is to improve a health niggle that you just can’t budge, but have been meaning to explore solutions to. Or to feel more positive in your skin – how would you do that?

Here are my five steps to helping you set some health goals to put a spring in your step.

Step 1: Create a clear vision

Goals need to be clear, realistic and achievable. But don’t let that stop you from setting a massive goal! After all, if you want it, you just need to be clear on what to do to get it.

Picture yourself a year from now in your future healthy state and think about how you FEEL. It sounds a bit woo-woo, but try to get in touch with that feeling. Imagining how good it’s going to feel helps you to anchor onto the goal.

My one piece of advice when you’re in this planning stage is not to compare your life to others. You will get consumed – especially if you look at social media – by comparisonitis. You’re never going to feel fulfilled living in the shadow of other people’s lives so stay focused on what being healthy means to YOU and how you want to FEEL.

Most importantly at this stage, you need to write your goals down. This is the first step to making it happen.

Step 2: Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Draw two columns. Now and Future. Under each heading write a list of how you are feeling now and how you want to feel.

Then look at those feelings and think about how you can link to the future feeling. How would you get from having IBS, to not having as many symptoms? Would the link be signing up to a course of colonics?

If you do a stool sample test or a liver test here at Complete Health Clinic, you get a report of how your health is now and recommendations for how to improve them.

Perhaps you need to think about engaging the right help to get you to the future you? That’s where I come in.

Like I mentioned before, once we have a benchmark of how you’re feeling now and how you would like to feel, I can help you to put a clear plan of action in place. If you need colonic hydrotherapy, self-care massage therapy or other therapies such as facial therapies, I can act as that bridge between the now and the future.

Do you even know how good you are supposed to feel? Many of us have been living with conditions that we just accept as normal. Try the Purify 21 Day Gut Reset Programme and target the roots of your health. View my video diary of the programme on YouTube.

Who else do you need in your team to support and encourage you? An Acupuncturist, an Osteopath, or even a Dentist? Accept that you don’t always possess the professional skills that will get you to your healthier future self.

Step 3: The Strategy (how you are going to achieve what you want).

A plan that has steps with milestones becomes your navigation to success.

My best advice – put activities in your calendar. Own your plan of action and schedule the time in to make the changes you need.

I accept that life throws you curve balls and sometimes we have to roll with the punches. But if you actively commit to doing something it usually gets done – hair appointments, colonics booked in, massages, doctor’s appointments etc.

So, schedule in the commitments that you need to make to move you towards your goal.

Step 4: Accountability to measure if it’s working.

Finding someone that holds you accountable (me!) can help you to do what you have planned, but also to measure its success. When I was doing this, I wrote out my 10 lifestyle goals, then signed the bottom and put it somewhere to see every day. That kept me accountable to my plan of action, but with my clients, I help monitor their journey to health.

Step 5 Don’t give up!

If you find that along the way your plan isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, don’t lose faith!
Adapt your plan and get back on track. As long as you keep taking steps towards your goal, you will get there, even if it’s a little slower than you first planned.

Goals are powerful at helping you to create a healthier you. We all need to know our true north and goal setting can be the anchors that guide us through our life.

So, let yourself daydream about that healthier you and set your goals! If you need any help, book a consultation with me and I can help you get there!


Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester